Wednesday, November 4, 2009


THE TEMPLE of Kumara Rama Bhimeswarudu is located near to Kakinada. Samarla kota is railway junction about 10 kms from Kakinada town. We have boarded APS RTC bus at 9 PM on Sunday night 1st Nov. 2009 on Pancharama darshan and reached Kovvuru Goshpada Godavari at 3 am early hours on 2  Nov. 2009. The locals called it GOPADA instead of Goshpada as is written on the boards.  The river is clean and the bathing place is clean with white sand layer spread on top of the stone stair case.  First  took the Cow ghee packet, deeparadhana vatthulu and banana stem just below the leafy portion that served like Kundulu and match box.  I lighted 5 vattulu with the Cow ghee on top of the small banana trunk opposite the godavari river on a stair nearer to the waters.  I took bath and changed my clothes.  Went for darshan of SUNDARESWARA SWAMY  AND MATHA CHAMUNDI DEVI (PARVATHI).
From there we proceeded to Samarla kota and reached by 7 am.  Since we have already finished bath at Kovvuuru straight we headed for darshan.  There are two stairs and first I went to the ground floor where the Shiva linga Peetam is worshipped.  TheLingam in samarlakota is white in color where as the DRAKSHARAMAM  SHIVALANGAM OF nearly same height is black.  Since it is Kartika somavaram and full moon day the devotees thronged all over and it has taken more than hour to reach the upper stair where the Shivalingam abhishekam is done.  I gave the coconut to the Poojari and had satisfactory darshanam  and returned.  I bought a book of Pancharamas for Rs.15.

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