Wednesday, November 4, 2009


From Palakollu we started at 2 pm and reached next temple of phancharamas at Gunupudi, near Bhimavaram in just 25 minutes. Prathista of this Shiva lingam is by Chandra so the name Someswaralayam. First I went upstairs and had darshan of AnnapurnaDevi.  Then, i came down and found 20 rupees ticket for seegra darshan. The croud outside the barricade has not been managed so, it was very difficult to get inside the que and into the barricade area. Once I reached inside the barricade area then there was not much of difficulty. It took about 1 hr to have darshan. Infornt of the main Soma linga on the right side is Goddess Parvathi.  Here the newly married young girls are carrying shama dumpala mokka, pasupu mokka (Plants) brown color gummadi kaya and other pooja samagri inside the temple these ae given to the poojari of the Parvathi ammavaru and with dakshina of 100  rupees.  It is the tradition that in the first year after marriage the newly wed bride should come to the temple with the above materials and plants to perform the Pooja.  The shivalangam here is about 2 feet height just as the Ramalingeswara swamy lingam at Palakollu. From Bhimavaram we started at 4: 50 pm. and reached Amaravathi around 8:45 pm.  Darshan of Amaralingeswara swamy is another interestin and important event of our Pancharama darshana.

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