Wednesday, October 21, 2009


In the year 2000 around october month I visited Amalapuram to see my daughter studying in B Tech.  Exams are near however, she has taken time to show me the nearby Lakshmi Narasimha swamy temple in Antarvdie by a short boat ride of  half an hour.  The place is just the meeting point of  One of the Sapta Godavari known as Vasista Godavari with the Hindu Maha Samudram (Bay of Bengal). The temple is with colourful images of the devi devathas and very beautiful.  We prayed to the Lord for the sucess inher exams and for good health and propsperity.
      I had already spend three days in Chirala to perform rituals as  my mother-in-law passed away shortly before. So, I already exhausted my one week leave thus, proceededimmediately to Kanpur where I was working at that time.  My wife (being house wife, she visted the place after the 9th day ceremony of her mother) and remained with our daughter for a few more days.

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