Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Around 9 pm we are in the temple of Amaravathi Amaralingeswara swamy.  The Shiva lingam here is seen outside with a height of about 9 feet but we had alread climbed a stair case and the shivalingam pana vattam is inside that can not be visited as it is completely covered within the basement. The temple has a great historic and spiritual   values as we undergo a feeling of oneness with the almighty.  Since it was night 9 pm Darshan was easy fairly.  But, in the morning hours it is understood that the rush was maximum at Amaravathi.  I prayed to Amaralingeswara swamy for the health, wealth and propserity of my three beloved children.  Pramide and vattulu with nuvvula noone I took inside the temple and did perform Deeparadhaa near the left cornerside shiva temple. Here the Godss Bala Chamundi is located adjacent to the main Shivalingam garbhagruha.

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